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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The late night ramble

I walked in to town today from my digs. It's only when you walk a route that you normally drive that you realise just how far it is. It took me well over an hour but it was a lovely day so I didn't mind. In fact I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of a day in Salisbury when I was walking to rehearsals and some Jehovah's witnesses asked me if I had heard the word of the Lord that day. I answered 'Yes, he called me this morning. Today's word is Aardvark.' It cheered me on through the rest of the week. Nothing like that happened this morning but a man cutting a hedge did stop his machine so that he could give me a cheery 'Morning!'. Bloody Northerners. So intrusive. No, I loved it.
Tonight I had to get back to my digs without a car. Should I splash out on a taxi? Not bloomin' likely. I got the number 2 bus. That's right, I got a bus. I haven't done that for years.
I went straight up the stairs and to my delight the front seats were free. Oh, the childish pleasure to sit at the front of the top deck of a bus and pretend to drive. I was completely unprepared for the large branch that crashed in to the window right in front of me in the dark. I jumped out of my skin. A pleasant drunk several seats behind me said, 'Why d'you think the front seats are empty?'. I laughed, but stayed there to show I wasn't a southern softy ..... which of course I am.
Back, safe, in my little room. This is when you wish you were at home. Time for sleep and dreams of going on a steam train in the morning. (I am actually going to do that. I had supper between shows with Chris from our cast and his wife and their two lovely children at a Japanese restaurant . The children asked me if I wanted to go on a steam train with them in the morning. Who could possibly turn down such an honour? Not me!!)
As we always said in panto 'Nighty, nighty' - then you answer 'Pyjamas, pyjamas'.
xx Mike
Me on the bus in my Dell Boy coat..... this time next year ......

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