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Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday - day off, supposedly

Not the most exciting of days (you don't have to read on - I know that's not the most inspiring start to a blog - let's face it, there are far more interesting posts from this blog that you may be happier to spend your time reading?)

OK, now we're alone, this is how to make a million pounds in a week with very little effort.
Joking, of course. I just thought that if you'd carried on past that start you deserved a little bit of excitement. If anyone does know how to make a million pounds in a week with very little effort and your name is Abramovich then please do pass it on? Thanks.

I was supposed to be at home today on my day off from the tour but instead I have been sitting in a tiny recording studio all day recording things for the blind. Makes me sound like some sort of saint, doesn't it? I'm not. I got paid for it. Not a lot but enough to persuade me to give up time at home with my wife. I wonder if I will look back on those days and regret the avarice? Then again, touring is more expensive than you'd think. It's certainly more expensive than Equity or our producers think. We get £192 a week to live off on tour which I know is as much as some people have to keep a family but we have to travel, find somewhere to stay for the week and eat. It soon goes. Most actors eat in to their pay in order to have a few of the luxuries of life - like beer! Well, I do anyway.

We are fortunate this week really as we are in Newcastle but are only doing shows from Tuesday to Saturday. Normally touring includes the Monday so you only really get Sunday at home. Many people don't bother to go home as you are so tired on the Sunday from the travel that you are very little use to anyone. I do like to get home if I can. I'm even planning to get home from Aberdeen before travelling on to Birmingham, later in the tour. We shall see how that goes. You will if you keep reading this bollocks!

I'm surprised how quickly you can get to Newcastle by train. It's under 3 hours from London. Who would have thought it. That's the advertised time. If tomorrows post is all about me rushing to the theatre just in time to go on at about half past nine having been on a train for six hours then you will know that things have not turned out as advertised.

In the meantime I am looking forward to dinner with my wife, my daughter and her husband and one other important guest; a lovely bottle of Fluerie. You see, with that picture I have made it worth reading to the end through all that guff. xx

Finally, a thank you to the lovely Pam, my Leeds landlady, who offered to leave a key under the gnome for me if I got stuck in the snow on Saturday night - and no, that is not a euphemism!


  1. You have days off!!! In my day we never had days off!!! Sorry that's as far as I can go with that comment. Day's off hurumph!!

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