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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

What about the show?

Had a lovely tea with Sophie, my new twitter friend, between shows and we talked about lots of Newcastle things. I had forgotten that Newcastle had played such a part in my life.

Still, I thought I ought to mention the show. The producers of Yes, Prime Minister asked me to start this blog. Probably as another form of advertising. I don't think I've been doing a very good job thus far.

The show hardly needs my pitiful push though. It is selling incredibly well. We've hardly had a show that didn't feel full, so far. Even the matinees have been great.

I only listen to most of the show, of course, as I spend much of it in the dressing room. You do hear the progression of the performances though. Bill, who plays the PM, is one of those intelligent and skilfull actors who is always making slight adjustments to his performance, searching for new or better laughs. Sam is the same. He comes off stage every night and immediately talks about a laugh that he thinks could be bigger and how to play the line to get it.

I am somewhat restricted in my role as I don't have that much to do but I can proudly announce that last night I got four laughs on a pause. Not easily done, that. My face can be seen by the whole audience on monitors that are spread around the auditorium so really I am doing a TV performance and, having done a few sitcoms in my time, I do know how to get a laugh with a look. Bill said it was not possible to get four laughs. I have regularly been getting three but I like a challenge and was in a very relaxed mood. The audience had been friendly and vociferous so I went for it. Bill still claims I got three and a half. Perhaps he's right. I won't go for it every night but it gives you somethjing to concentrate on as the shows go by. Will there ever be five?! If there is I will let you know because that will be milking the laugh beyond the pail. See what I did with the milk analogy?

First act is underway so I must go so that I can listen to the show ....... no. I'm going to watch the first half of the football. Man United v Marseille. I'm not that dedicated!!

See you soon, maybe. Love Mike x

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