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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Thursday - Lunch and a half

Ok, this will have to be brief.

I have been to lunch with my gorgeous wife to Tom Kitchin's restaurant in Leith. We walked there; a good three miles. The sun was shining until we arrived and then it started to pour. So, having been greeted by the proprietor, what else do you do on a stinking day but go for the seven course tasting menu with wine? Well, that's what we did, so stuff your opinion.

Oh my bloody giddy aunt and her uncle!!! What a lunch! It is now past five in the afternoon and we have just got back. I am stuffed and very happy. Hopefully these photos will tell the story as I am beyond giving detail myself.

Mussel soup
Crab and seafood
razor clams
signature dish - pigs head with pigs ear!!
red mullet
rhubarb and panacota
petite fours and coffee
menu to take home
happy man
yes, I do have a show tonight

I have to say that I really only tasted each glass of wine that came with each course. Honestly. Phew, that's me covered with the management. They don't read this anyway. At least, I don't think they do? Perhaps they do? In that case, I've been for a run and have been going over my lines all day and some impostor has hacked in to my blog account and keeps posting damned lies about me.They've even gone to the ridiculous length of faking photos of me using photoshop.

If they don't read this, then I can't recommend this restaurant enough. I would have paid the full price just for the venison course and every wine was delicious. If you ever have the chance then go for it. But make sure you save up before hand. That's this weeks earnings blown. Worth it though. Chances like that don't come round every day.

I will write something more interesting on another day, I promise, when I have more time and am more capable. In the meantime, enjoy the view. Time to sleep before the show, I think?

Mike xx

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